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What, if anything, do you find distressi …

What, if anything, do you find distressing about your sexual thoughts or fantasies? Write about that to clarify it for yourself.

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  1. Tabitha says

    I am a new submissive & my Master is long distance (7 HR time difference & a different country) what I find most distressing about my fantasies is that I don’t think they’ll ever come true, that I’ll never know my Masters physical dominance over me.
    I feel like I’m running out of time with Master. He never does any of the things I need him to do so I feel happy & secure in this D/s relationship. He does what “He” thinks I should need but not what “I” actually need and so I’m mostly lost & insecure which is not me, I feel like he is so unhappy w/me which leaves me depressed and he gives me no help in sub drop so I’ve spirreled out of control and it’s a horrible place to be (2 topics. I apologize for venting)
    But I am new and DESPERATLY looking to find guidance because I get none from Master.

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