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How did you know you were suited for lif …

How did you know you were suited for life as a slave?

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  1. lesme says

    what a nice question. Becasue my Mistress was pleased and happy with me. Because i feel myself save and loved. Even what is more, it is if i can smile the whole day in every aspect, by playing, obeying orders. In everything i feel my love growing and the feeling that i’m happy is increasing.
    In a few words, that i’m HOME with my life.

  2. Raelene says

    At the moment i am re-defining what submission means to me. My Dom partner is going through a very traumatic period in his life (mostly due to me!) and realigning himself as well. i think we will emerge on the other side stronger as individuals and as a couple. These disruptions we are going through have been expected for a long time and now that we are here, it is important to be non-judgemental and just keep the love going. i am submissive by nature, but when necessary can pull on my armour and jump on my horse and ride off into battle if need be. AT the moment the most important thing is to support my Dom at this time as he is my friend as well. i would never abandon him in his vanilla life esp during very tough times.

  3. Kevin says

    It’s something I’ve wanted since I was a child – as long as I can remember. My childhood fantasies often involved slavery and continued into adulthood. I love every aspect of it. I now identify more as a submissive than a slave, though sometimes those lines aren’t super clear.

  4. Carl Johan Ringius says

    Im always being helpfull to others , ! Since i was child i have learnd abaut to serv and being to great help , when i was married to a dominant Woman i felt very submissive and begin to serve her ! But IT was not before she died for me as i was feeling and think of My self as the slave to another would be the perfekt solotion and a skill to me and fullfill My life in the future !

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