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Do you ever view service to be an ‘inv …

Do you ever view service to be an ‘invisible convenience’ to your owner?

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  1. Ginnyw says

    Many times I felt that way especially when I didn’t see him very often. Having a wife, no one knows I even exist. Now that I am in another state for awhile, I asked him about my being an inconvenience recently. He said absolutely not because I belong to him. Nothing else matters. He just wants me to stay in touch every day, write fictional stories, and continue to obey his rules as if I were in his reach.

  2. Judy says

    No, I never feel that my service is an “invisible convenience” to my master. My master appreciates everything that I do for him – he has been alone for awhile and for the past year – he has told me that he feels he is indeed in Heaven. Dishes get done after diner; shopping done and put away – his laundry done – folded and put away. He shows me his gratitude in many ways throughout the day. My Master is the best. I am lucky to have such a man in my life. We truly compliment one another. It makes life exciting and glorious.

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