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When are you most aware of being owned/s …

When are you most aware of being owned/submissive?

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  1. Subgirl says

    When it is just me and Master alone. When we are around friends and family members he doesnt pull his rank card as much as he does when its just us at home and everyone is in bed. in his bed i am expected to do exactly what he says when he says, and while im wearing my collar..those are also times i feel most submissive.

  2. MastersSlut says

    When we are out in public. Sometimes i forget my place n speak out of turn or over him or if he says one thing and i do something else… he is very quick to remind men. And i actually enjoy it.

  3. KarinNeko says

    I feel most submissive when I’m sitting at my Boyfriend’s feet; I just feels like I belong there. I’ll usually lay my head on his leg and he’ll play with my hair.

    Another time is when I’m doing tasks around the house I’ve been assigned. On some days I’ll get into this mindset of an old-school house wife and enjoy cleaning the house because I know how it will make everyone else happy.

  4. Ginnyw says

    I am most aware of being owned when I am being used for for his extreme kinkiness/rough bdsm play or when he loans me out to other DOMS as a way of serving him better he says. He likes to tell me that I am his slave to do as he wishes not as I want because I have no rights other than what he allows me to do.

  5. Amber says

    I am most aware of being owend and submissive to my boyfriend, my Dom, when i am with him and we are walking. I always walk on his right side and he has my right arm behind my back my wrist in his hand as we walk.When i am sitting at his feet around others or alone i feel veery submissive his hand in my hair moveing me slightly if he wants to. I feel most owned when asking him permission for anything but mostly when asking if i may be allowed to orgasum.

  6. Shay says

    On one occasion that has forever stuck with me, is when I was most aware of being owned. I asked Master if I could go to the store. He said What for? I told him It wasnt that important, I just needed to use the car. The entire I didnt realize that he was just testing me, he really could have cared less. Anyways I left without his permission. I went to the store, got out and brought the things I needed then went back to the car. I got inside and it wouldnt start. I freaked out and I called Master off of pure instict. He was calm at first and then got angry and started shouting at me. He told me to find a way back home before 9 or it was my ass(It was 7). I called a taxi and when I got home Master forced me to get on all fours naked, and say 20 times. “I am Owned and I must ask permission from the Worthy for everything.” Turns out Master just called the car company amd told them it was stolen, so they shut it off. The next day I was responsible for going to them and explaining what I had done. Yepp, I knew I was owned then and it really came to truth for me.

  7. slave jimmy says

    its early in its training, but if its pleased Master and He rubs its head and it gets a little hard. Thats when it feels the most owned.

  8. Captains Bitch says

    I feel it most when my Captain tells me just what it is he is going to do to me and what I am required to do, or when I move away from him and am forcable pulled back and asked, “Just where do you think you’re going?” When I stop moving, his comment of “That’s what I thought” always brings me right into submissive space.

  9. happy2beme says

    It is when I am asking permission to get my hair done, and Master reminds me that it can only be a trim and He has the final say in the length.

  10. marie says

    for me, it is when i feel most loved… most stimulated… most cherished…. i want to belong to him…. i want him to take me and make me his own. *I* want to be his only desire… i want him to need me above all others…

    am i still submissive?

  11. Kate says

    When i ask my boyfriend/dominant permission to wear something or going somewhere.Sometime when he punishes me reminding me he owns me and when he gives me an order to do or not do something.

  12. violet skye says

    There is never a time that i don’t feel owned since my Sir took my submission…

    I feel it when i am with my Sir, i feel it with or without the collar around my throat… i am reminded of it knowing that i live in his home and everything in it goes in a proper order that should be pleasing for him and his needs in his home.

    i am reminded of it when he says “you belong you me and everything you do and say is a reflection on me. You are mine and i expect you to act like a lady, a girl and a Femme in whatever order or fashion needed to be acceptable as mine, do I make myself understood and clear? At this point i should and do say Yes Sir…

    This is when i most particularly feel owned, and wanted.

    (my Sir is still not bored with the little pet name he gave me, so I may never have my original name back so I am a hippie submissive until whenever ~shrugs~)

  13. Al says

    hmm. Just as a note, I am a male sub under a male dom and it’s a completely non sexual relationship. In fact his wife is also my mistress and I have to obey her, too. C:

    When I feel most owned is likely, and least interestingly, when my owner grabs me by my collar, looks me in the eye, and says “I *own” you”, often with the word “bitch” after it. This is usually after I protest something or get a little out of/forget my place.

    Other instances–when he wants a footstool or other furniture–I don’t sit still very well.
    When he throats me (like an alpha wolf to an omega…we’re a bit feral sometimes.)
    When he makes me sleep in leg/wrist irons or spend long periods of time in them or other bonds, like ropes or straps or the gag.
    When he attaches me via leash or chain either in the kitchen where I have a task to perform or elsewhere, where I am not allowed to move from without permission.

  14. Liz says

    I’m new at this. My master says he wants to own me and make me his whore slave. Let’s see if I obey him. I’m hard headed so will see if this works out.

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