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What one thing in your life is the harde …

What one thing in your life is the hardest for you?

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  1. doni says

    We had a very bad car accident about 5 years ago and i sustained a closed brain injury. It has taken so many things away from me, from my family really. i am getting better but i have to fight really hard to overcome the side effects everyday.

  2. witchwolfe says

    Demonstrating love and affection to my partners IN FRONT OF MY OTHER PARTNERS is the hardest thing for me to do. In fact, right now, it’s impossible for me to accomplish.

  3. MysteriKitten says

    The one thing in my life that’s the hardest for me to do is “opening” myself up to others. Why? Because of the fact that, for the entirety of my life, I’ve kept inside my so-called shell and only came out of it if I deemed it necessary. Even now, when I’ve opened myself up to my partner/lover, it’s still so very hard for me to tell him my feelings and the like, but I’ve been trying, so that’s a good thing…I guess.

  4. kanua says

    The hardest thing is feeling sexy and confident for my Dom. I have self esteem issues and self image issues.

  5. KittenBlakeway says

    The hardest thing for me to do in life is to speak my mind. Even typing this was difficult for me to do. I get so unsure of myself when it comes to the things I think and feel.

  6. melody says

    Missing my Master is the hardest thing for me. He and i have been apart because of life circumstances but just tonight His circumstances made it impossible for Him to be my Master anymore…it isn’t because He doesn’t want to. We’re just cursed, i guess. We just got off the phone a little while ago. Already i am in a fog. And i know the hardest thing in my life will be missing Him…missing being told what to do. Feeling lost and empty and hopeless without Him. And not knowing what i can look forward to in my life without Him to turn to…

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