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Write out three of your favorite sexual …

Write out three of your favorite sexual fantasies. If this is new to you, make one up now.

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  1. BLennoxx says

    Three favorite sexual fantasies of a BabyGirl-Bottom-Switch who readily submits to the commands of familiar/known Dominants. I am presently unowned. When that changes so will how I identify myself.
    1.) To be a masked House Slut Toy for a intimate multiple couples group of Swingers and BDSM’s. I am “muted” sans moans, groans, whimpers, etc. and my safe word. I have set agreed upon limits (haven’t quite figured those out yet). My Sir would lead me about on collared leash to be groped, massaged, kissed, sucked and to suck, fuck and be fucked as attendees desired and my Sir’s command. My downtime would only be to freshen up and relive myself. This would go on for the duration of the night’s event.

    2.) There are three Dominants in my circle of friends. A combination of Daddy Dominant, Sensual Dominant and Sadist, to give a rounded out spectrum of play. Thus testing and pushing my limits in layers all in one session. They each have their own specialties, toys and surprises that ignite my curiosities and make my juices flow. I trust them all, but my illness of “PUNKINESE” keeps me from fulfilling such an awesome desire and fantasy. Two out of the three know me well, the third is best friend/brother of the two and an acquaintance of mine. However the idea of the three of them combined sending me into euphoric subspace would be hitting the Jackpot status!!!

    3.) Last favorite fantasy… to be secured to a chain licked fence in only a pair of knee-high boots, late at night with only the headlights of an SUV for illumination. Location would be either by an airport near the runway or an active train yard; I want to be able to scream my pleasure into the movement of the planes or trains. I would want to be flogged, paddled, caned, velvet wanded (unchained from the fence of course), mouth fucked, pussy & anal fucked to name the basic few. There is also knife and fire play, recently added to my list. Lastly, I want photos and/or video of the whole scene.

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