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Who is a woman in history you respect?

Who is a woman in history you respect?

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  1. slavegirl says

    Rosa Parks, Grace Slick, Lauren Hutton, Georgia O’Keeffe, i guess those are who i can think of right off the top of my head.

  2. Ginnyw says

    Clara Barton organized The American Red Cross, and Florence Nightengale a famous nurse who worked tirelessly come to mind when I think of famous women in history.

  3. Chronogamous says

    Ada Lovelace, inventress of programming languages & the one that kept Charles Babbage going during times when he was too depressed to keep working on his analytical engine (read: computer)

  4. d says

    i am awe struck by just the “simple ” woman , who have , time after time through history , worked hard , raised families, kept a house, been kind to their neighbors, lived with compassion , and grace. woman who may not have started a company or ran for office , but the ones who just do what has to be done . silently ,under the radar .

    i think Mother Theresa said something like do small things with great love , and to that end i think that the woman i see every day getting on a bus with her two
    kids and an armful of backpacks is a true hero who i look up , and respect .

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