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What is one of your best skills or talen …

What is one of your best skills or talents?

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  1. Toms Cunt says

    I would have to say sucking Masters cock. I really love/enjoy giving him this pleasure. It is an “art form” for me, an expression of how much I care about him, how much I want him to find absolute pleasure and fullfill his desires, at any cost. He really enjoys my mouth, the suction, the deep throating, and the longjevity of the “head session”. I have no gag reflex and that makes it easier to drive Master crazy with lust. If you enjoy something, it will show…..and that in itself makes it fun, enjoyable and easy.

  2. awhitecloud says

    I wish that is enjoyed sucking cock, God is there something wrong with me? I will do it to please my Sir, but I do not honestly enjoy it or really ever just want to do it. I do not know why, I feel bad at times over it even, I should enjoy doing it for it makes him happy. He says I am very good at it, but men all say that! So what is wrong with me?

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