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What is your favorite form of service?

What is your favorite form of service?

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  1. Shilo says

    My favorite form of service to my Miss is brushing her hair till she falls quietly asleep. To my Sir, my favorite service act is erotic boot blacking. Oh the things you can do with microfiber panties.. if you’re polishing..

  2. Judy says

    I service my master thru housekeeping and weekly body massages to keep him happy – and i enjoy the look on his face when he sees that I have cleaned up all the breakfast dishes and his kitchen is spic and span. I do his laundry fold and put away – anything that I can do that will make his life a little easier is what I will do for him – taking care ofhim when he’s not feeling well, to giving him a relaxing foot massage after a day of shopping. I love making him happy.

  3. Raelene says

    Pampering Master, feeding Him grapes while watching a movie, waiting on Him hand and foot, cooking for Him, preparing His clothes. i remind myself of Genie from “I dream of Jenie” that tv show from years ago!!!

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