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What are you struggling with right now?

What are you struggling with right now?

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  1. Georgia says

    I’m having a very hard time not topping. I let my emotions get the better of me.our relationship seems like it goes between D/s and vanilla. He drives a truck over the Road and is gone for days.I get bratty when he is out to long.

  2. Orchidluv says

    I’m struggling with being alone when he needs time and space for work. I don’t get bratty but I do start to feel abandoned even when I know expect some distance.

  3. Marlene Ambroziak says

    I’m having a rough time in giving up control and following the rules my Master has place before me. I am so used in doing everything myself and making decisions for myself and now that I am in this lifestyle I am having a difficult time doing this. I Like be my Master so muck but having this dilemma

  4. Kevin says

    Balancing my need for physical domination and bondage with my Wife’s natural preference for psychological domination and service-oriented submission. It’s also difficult trying to be diligent in submission when life gets in the way; in our case, a puppy and grad school.

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