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List: What I love about myself

List: What I love about myself

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  1. kelly Dunlap says

    Im Hot and Super Submissive.

  2. violet skye says

    i am very self confident, i have a strong sense of self and hight self esteem. I am a wonderful friend and a very devoted and passionate wife and lover. i give everything i am when it comes to helping and serving whether it be my family, community or my Sir. i love deeply and completely. i am loyal and true. i know who exactly i am and i never had doubts about that… sometimes i have waivered about my ability to serve, but i have never wondered about the who. i never give up… i have a strong feeling of faith and hope. i know that i am a submissive StoneFemme and i believe in the beauty that is me… i am not arrogant, i am confident.

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