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List: What I love about my Dominant partner

List: What I love about my Dominant partner

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  1. Kevin says

    1. Compassionate and caring
    2. Open-minded
    3. Equal respect
    4. Creative
    5. Sexy!
    6. Intelligent
    7. Extremely socially gifted
    8. Great leadership skills

  2. Masika says

    I love his ability to comfort without a word; his constant unwavering penetrating eye contact; his ability to hold with the exact amount of presence to feel secure yet free to be who I am; the respect for freedom to choose every day, every moment to be his.

    I could reiterate Kevin’s 8 here as well.

    To know that no matter the distance, no matter the time, no matter the circumstance I will always have a place of a collaborative choosing.

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