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What are you afraid of? What does your Dominant partner…

What are you afraid of?  What does your Dominant partner do to alleviate your fears? Are some fears difficult to share, even with your Dominant?

“Fear cuts deeper than swords.”  George R. R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

- prompt from Submissive Coffee Club

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  1. Pumpkin says

    Being alone and feeling as though I’m not good enough no matter what I do. I’ve been through that before and I don’t want to go through it again. So that’s what I fear
    And spiders, I really don’t like spiders

  2. NS13_tangledpixie says

    That my brain won’t stop confusing my Master with someone from my past who was abusive. Sometimes when we’re playing, something will trigger a bad memory, and I’ll start to panic. He has me take several deep breaths and look him in the eyes while he holds me and talks me through it until I calm down.
    I think some fears are difficult to voice, because you can tell yourself that they’re unfounded, but they won’t get out of your head. It’s better to just get it off your chest, instead of wasting time worrying about it. My Master can always tell when something is bugging me, and encourages me to talk about it.

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