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Discuss the last time you broke a rule. …

Discuss the last time you broke a rule. What happened? Have you broken that rule before? Do you think it is one you may break again?

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  1. sub_mea says

    i must keep a bottle of Stetson Black with me at all times. It is my Master’s favorite cologne. i am to smell it anytime he permits me to cum. i forgot it on the dresser one night. i was disciplined and received 15 smacks. Then i forgot to count aloud; another 15 more. That bottle of cologne is always with me now! sub_mea, Fyrefyghter’s submissive

  2. Professor Kinky says

    I delayed reporting the completion of some talks my Mistress gave me because I was feeling rebellious. I confessed the next day my rebellious reaction and my completion of the tasks and my Mistress punished me. I’ve never broken that rule before and I hope I never do it again. Nevertheless, I sometimes have waves of rebellious feelings come over me. But I almost never give into them.

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