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Does being in love with your dominant…

Does being in love with your Dominant change the dynamic?

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  1. Shan says

    Yes it definitely would when you add love in to service it becomes a whole new world of submission you not only doing it because it satifys your need but now your doing it out of compassion and from a place of love … And being rewarded by a loved one is that much sweeter and being disciplined by a loved one is that much more difficult to bare ….

  2. hopefaith316 says

    This is a very good journal prompt. I plan on using it today in my journal. It would make a great Fet discussion!

    I definitely see how falling in love could enhance the relationship. But does anyone think it could hurt?

    I have been in three relationship. My first Dom, a play partner, and my current Dom. All three relationships started out with the Dom being quite strict. As we grew to know each other better, things relaxed. I was never in love with my first Dom nor the play partner. But we became very close friends. My current Dom and I are in love. It is very deep. Yet I have betrayed my current Dom in the worst way. How could I do that to the Dom I love so deeply? We have both been searching for answers. He has even looked at himself to see if it was something he did wrong. I do know that with all three relationships, I at one point said they could be stricter after we had grown closer. It was almost as if it was becoming a D/s with shades of vanilla. For lack of a better word, they had all become “softer” towards me as our friendship and love grew. Maybe I no longer felt enough control and that is why I asked them to be stricter with me. I am taking total responsibility for my actions, I am not looking for excuses. But this very question re: love changing the dynamic has come up between my current Dom and I.

    I am very interested in any other thoughts.

  3. Jo says

    Hopefaith316 I personally think you are not submitting truly. I am in a relationship 24/7 I love my Dom, I respect Him in every way, and Shan says it is just that much nicer to know you submit and please your Dom, but at the same time, it is so much harder to know you have failed your Dom. I believe there are times when my Dom relaxes His strictness but I do not see this as an opportunity to take advantage of His “softness” not to make a habit of it. I respect Him and love Him.

  4. sircanicum says

    Yes, nit definitely does. I am a submissive to my husband and i love it when he treats me like the master that he is. I love it when he spanks me whenever I fail to do what I’m told to. And I hate it when a relative comes at our house because that’s the time when I’m not his bitch anymore. I enjoy licking his feet clean, getting fucked when I’m not allowed to come for a really long time, and being walked like a dog in the garden. All this because he loves me as much as you would love your pet dog.

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