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What are some small things that your Dominant does that make you feel special?

What are some small things that your Dominant does that make you feel special? – modified from a prompt on Submissive Safe Haven

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  1. rosy says

    I feel special when Max tells his personal secrets (I’m trusted!), when we are just sitting and relaxing he uses a easy-going, soft voice, gentle touch. Then when he gets into a really dommy mood, I love the feelings I get from his directions and rules. Even love punishments because I know how much he cares about our D/s relationship. And so many other ways that I can’t even list them all. He is absolutely wonderful at making me feel so special.

  2. phoebsfavslave says

    I m not so sure as i m new and we are working out this long distance relationship which is a new step to me. I hope to god it ll work. I really care but have a hard time supporting her monetarily right now.

  3. rosy says

    your supporting her? Look for another online partnership. It shouldn’t cost you anything to find the person of your dreams. Have you tried Jerks on there, too, but it shows you how long and what the person is interested in. Read their writings or responses on the main page to see some of their personality. Pay? Never!

  4. Shan says

    He gives me what little time he has … Make me feel like I’m worth the time to wait for sleep … He is hard me doesn’t allow me to fail myself and most of all he makes me feel like I’m the most beautiful woman on earth …

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